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Validate your customers' account name and ownership instantly.

Our Trading helps clients run and transform their front, middle and back-office trading operations. We provide buy-side, sell-side and market infrastructure firms with a full-service offering, including systems integration and technology consulting services, to assist in delivering high performance trading and settlement capabilities across all asset classes. This includes strategy, architecture design, operating model work, process improvement, systems building and trading package integration as well as application management, application outsourcing and business process outsourcing.

Customer Verification

Straight Through Processing

Convert manual workflows to completely automated solutions using your business rules.

Instant account verification

Remove the “wait and see” approach.

Reduce friction .

Reduce  friction between you and your clients due to timing delays and human errors.

Improved workflow

Spend less time investigating failed payments.

Reduced Costs

Reduction in Staff needed for manual processing.

Total Ownership

Online portal access for case management and reporting purposes.

Credit Assessment

Identify & Validate

Identify & Validate income based on stability, frequency & recency.

Confirm Affordability

Ability to confirm customer affordability & categorise customer spend.

Reduce Friction

Limit the potential friction between you and your customers that may arise due to timing delays and human error when performing manual checking of customers.

Informed Upselling

Identify Cross-selling opportunities for existing customers holding other similar products

Proactive Assesments

Initial or ongoing customer assessment through receipt of credit data through inputs, reports or scores.

Better Risk Management

 Identify poor credit quality customers with payment problems.


Instant Payments

Power one-off reoccurring payments like bank transfers, standing orders or allow customers to top up their accounts.

Instant withdrawals

Fully automated process to send instant refunds, return deposits and withdrawals  to your customers.

Recurring Payments

Ability to automatically collect ad-hoc and variable payments securely.

Payment Confirmation

Real-time notification that a payment has been made and authenticated using Open Banking.

Reduce Costs

Completely bypass intermediary fees and hefty card fees.

Reduce Fraud

Each transaction is authenticated directly with the bank.

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