Credit Assessment

Assess your customers account instantly.

Our Open Banking platform makes its easy to review you’re customer’s bank data.  Use the online portal to configure and review a customers transaction history of up to 10 years. Download Bank Statements and use simple business rules to fully automate your workflow. Develop fully branded and customised emails for further automation. Our solution will work for  both new and existing customers. Of course its all API driven for those that require a deeper integration into their IT Ecosystem.

Credit Assessment

Identify & Validate

Identify & Validate income based on stability, frequency & recency.

Confirm Affordability

Ability to confirm customer affordability & categorise customer spend.

Reduce Friction

Limit the potential friction between you and your customers that may arise due to timing delays and human error when performing manual checking of customers.

Informed Upselling

Identify Cross-selling opportunities for existing customers holding other similar products

Proactive Assesments

Initial or ongoing customer assessment through receipt of credit data through inputs, reports or scores.

Better Risk Management

 Identify poor credit quality customers with payment problems.

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